Piano/Organ Studio

PIANO TEACHING METHODS — I teach a wide variety of piano music, from classical to contemporary for all ages. Emphasis on basic skills, proper technique and performance practice provides a good foundation for students. I use a wide variety of method books and repertoire books, as well as teaching music theory, technical exercises and scales. I prepare students for piano festivals and competitions held locally by music teacher organizations. My music loan library is available for students to check out supplementary music. 

ORGAN LESSONS — Organ lessons are offered to students who have had a background of piano study for at least 2-3 years and can read music easily. I work with the new organist, both youth and adult, who would like to use their piano skills in learning to play the organ. I teach hymn playing in order to prepare students to play a church service, as well as teaching standard organ repertoire.. Learning organ manual technique and pedal technique requires practice on a home organ with a full AGO pedalboard or a church organ. I teach on a Johannus digital organ in my home.

STUDIO LOCATION -The teaching studio is in the in my home located near 168th and Dodge Street in Omaha.

TEACHING YEAR–The teaching year is September through May. Lessons are taught during the summer, but are optional. Summer lessons can always be scheduled around vacations. Vacation days: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.ase do not send children who have been sick in the last 24 hours to a lesson.

TUITION AND FEES–Tuition and fees are figured on a monthly basis, with an averageof four weekly lessons per month. (See Studio Policy for current rates.)

PRACTICE — Taking piano or organ lessons is a commitment and requires practice to be prepared for a lesson. Younger piano students should practice at least 15 minutes daily; more advanced piano students should practice at least 30 minutes daily. Organ practice is important to develop proper organ technique, but practice time depends somewhat on availability of a practice instrument.

PERFORMANCE — Recitals and piano competitions or festivals are part of the studio activities. Every student is expected to take part in studio recitals during the year and some of the other activities offered. Organ performance is encouraged with students beginning to play hymns or other repertoire in a church service. Studio recitals held during the year are Christmas and Spring Awards.

LESSON ATTENDANCE — Lessons are 30 minutes and are scheduled weekly. Longer lessons of 45 minutes may be scheduled for more advanced students, if requested. Attendance at lessons is expected, but if there is an unforeseen emergency, illness or a conflict with school activities, please contact the studio. Rescheduling a lesson depends on a mutually agreeable time. Please do not send children who have been sick in the last 24 hours.